Alan is 8 months old!

Our little Alan buns turned 8 months old a few weeks back. He’s getting so big. He continues to be the happiest baby in the block. Always smiling and laughing and so cheerful all the time. Alan’s two bottom teeth finally came out at the end of the month and he looks so cute now with his two little chompers down there. He’s been eating more and more solid foods and loving them all. His favorites are anything and everything with mangoes!

This little munchkin has us wrapped around his little finger. I’m holding on to Alan’s last few months of babyhood very dearly because I know soon enough we’ll have a crazy toddler. So what if he still doesnt sleep through the night. I’m making it a point to enjoy those quiet moments in the middle of the night where it’s just the two of us as he nurses himself back to sleep.

Now on to the pictures!

Karey Wood - Love the shots of him sitting in the sink. He is a happy little guy :)

Karey Wood - Love the shots of him sitting in the sink. He is one happy little guy :)

Karey Wood - Sorry, I got an error message the first time I tried to submit the comment.

Alan is 7 months old! Already!

Alan keeps growing and growing and soon he’ll be a year old before I know it.  He’s still the happiest baby in the block. He’s usually very calm and content and smiles and laughs at everyone. We especially love seeing the bond he’s developing with Andy! He looks up to him already and no one can make him laugh the way big brother does! It’s quite amazing to watch!

Alan now sits up by himself, has ridden the shopping cart with big brother several times and even graduated to the big boy stroller. He loves it! It’s sad for me to say this, but he’s no longer a little baby. He’s starting to become a big boy! :(

Now I leave you with this past month’s pictures!

Alan is 6 months old!

Little Alan is already half a year old! He is a very happy camper and loves to hang out with his big brother.  He’s already almost 21 pounds and was at the 90% for weight and 75% for height at his well child check up the other day. He’s been eating more and more solid food and loves all of it.  He babbles all day long and makes the funniest sounds and noises.  He is also starting to be more interested in toys and Andy loves bringing him lots of different ones. He’s one happy little munchkin!

I leave you with pictures now from the last month!


Andy is three years old!

Where did the last three years go? This little guy turned three on January 1st and I still can’t believe it. He’s the silliest, happiest little guy who keeps us on our toes at all times. He’s turned into such a big little man. He loves his family and especially his ‘best friend baby brother Alan’. And he truly does.  Those two are already best buds.

Andy is now fully potty trained, he’s 39″ tall and 39 lbs putting him in the 90% for weight and 75% for height. His favorite thing in the whole world are still his trains and he loves to build (and destroy) long train tracks with daddy. I couldnt imagine life without this spunky, sweet little boy of ours. What a smile he brings to our face each and every day with his bright, fun personality. He’s the greatest gift!

Happy 3rd birthday baby boy!

The morning of his birthday he came downstairs to find all his birthday presents and a huge Thomas the train balloon (which I completely forgot to take a picture of!) He was very excited!


And a couple days later we had his birthday party on a VERY cold morning! It was about 30 degrees that day, good thing Super heroes are never cold! :)

Superman making his entrance!

Spiderman stopped by too!

And Robin was there too, aka baby brother.

Christmas 2014 with the boys!

This past year we got to spend Christmas by ourselves with the boys. Although it felt weird not having the extended family with us we made the best of it and truly enjoyed the quiet time (if you can get any quiet time with a 3 year old and a baby?). We made cookies for Santa the night before and Andy enjoyed helping me out in the kitchen. He had a blast the next morning when he found the half eaten plate Santa left!  This year was truly special as Andy is now three years old and he truly starts to understand the meaning of it all. He was beyond excited Christmas morning as he came downstairs to find all his presents. Alan obviously wasn’t too into it and just sat there and laughed at big brother’s excitement all morning!

We had a great time! :)

Alan is 5 months old!

Little Alan pie is already five months old. Where does time go? I surely don’t know…it’s like I blinked and he wasn’t a newborn anymore.  Alan is a super calm, chill baby. He will hang out with us at all times without complaining. He’ll take all the love and abuse from his big brother and he will not complain ever…in fact, he LOVES all the attention big brother gives him. Most of all he laughs so much with everything Andy does. Andy is already his idol and hero and it’s pretty amazing to see their relationship developing from such a  young age.

Alan started daycare this past month and it was definitely an adjustment for him. He finally started drinking from a bottle a couple of weeks ago but still gives us a hard time if either of us try to give it to him. He’s also started to eat solid food which he’s ok with but not as big a fan as I remember Andy being. He loves sweet potatoes, pears and apples. Everything else is hit or miss so far. He’s also had some potatoes, squash, prunes, peas, and carrots (which are his least favorite).

Although he’s great during the day and rarely cries I have to say at night he transforms into demon baby. He still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night. Sometimes he’ll sleep from 8pm to 3am but that’s not the norm for him. Usually I can expect him to wake up at 11pm, then at 3am, and then again at 5am. Wonderful schedule huh? Especially since I’ve been back to work….total zombie status on the daily!  Ahhh one day we’ll sleep again. :)

Anyways, here are the pictures for this month. Enjoy!


Small pause in Alan’s pictures to insert some of Andy’s adventures…he loves climbing into baby brother’s crib as you can imagine!




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