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The Scooter show | Gilbert family photographer

Here are just a few quick pictures for you…because you know I’m trying to keep this blog updated! :) Here’s Scooter, our 3 year old Labrador Retriever, posing all cute for the camera. He has the saddest face ever with the biggest ears and saddest puppy eyes you’ve ever seen! I promise you he’s a […]

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Studies in light, 1.4 aperture, & silliness | Chandler family photographer

For those of you who don’t know we recently moved to a new house. We’re now located in Gilbert, but pretty much 3 miles from our old place.  So yes, I’m still near you! :) I am happy to report that I have hit a total location jackpot! Only 1/2 a mile from the house […]

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Jacque Williams - Hi!! Loves, loves, LOVES! I’ve always been a serious photography admirer, but having you as a photographer has seriously inspired me to dive into it myself! That spiderweb on the twig branch…love it! Some fam members gave me some big costco gift cards that I want to turn into my very own (gasp)dslr for my beginner self. I have no idea what to buy though

Erica - This is great Hope you like your new home in Gilbert:) We still need to meet up one day.

6 month old baby Ella = cuteness | Chandler children photographer

I’m back to bring you some super cute stuff today!  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing baby Ella 3 times already.  Once when she was inside her mommy’s belly, the second time when she was a tiny little 8 day newborn, and now she’s 6 months old and cuter than ever!  She is full of […]

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Jacque Williams - You guys have the cutest little family!

As always, Ingrid- you are totally inspiring! I literally laughed and “awww”ed outloud and cried at the computer all at the same time. There is really a difference between someone with a nice camera and photoshop software, and a GIFTED photographer. You, my lady, are GIFTED. Beautiful!

It also helps when you’re subjects are adorable. :)

Kylie - Cute Cute CUTEST pictures I have ever seen. I hope my family is as cute as that!

Justina - Oh my, Is that little girl ever gorgeous. Stumbled on your blog, and sure glad I did! Beautiful work…

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